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You didn't really think all Russian assets & Kremlin puppets in the US have already been exposed, did you?

Added 10-18-19 10:37:03am EST - “The 2020 presidential election is still more than a year away, but you wouldn't know that to look at all the Russian plots to subvert it breathlessly discussed in US media. Who are these recently exposed Kremlin agents?” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “You didn’t really think all Russian assets & Kremlin puppets in the US have already been exposed, did you?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Ever since the election of Donald Trump as president in 2016, the US media has been ferreting out the Russian meddlers within the country, as it’s their patriotic duty to do. Not even the disappointment of the Mueller report finding no Russian collusion could stop them – they know that Putin must have gotten to Mueller somehow, and Trump will always be a Kremlin puppet in their hearts. Meanwhile, any politician who flinches from the idea that endless war is good and noble is tagged and bagged as a Russian agent.

Democratic presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard has served in the US Army National Guard since 2003, but her deployment to Iraq was obviously merely a stunt to provide cover for her real goal of cuddling with baby-eating evil Syrian dictator Bashar Assad and trying to lure the US into abandoning its sacred duty to wage war in the Middle East for as long as possible. The election security bill she introduced in the House last year, which would have forced districts to use paper ballots, was a transparent effort to pry American elections out of the trustworthy hands of the Pentagon. And the 'Stop Arming Terrorists Act'? That’s just discrimination!

So when Kerry, Pelosi and the Queen met with him to speak, are they “Assad apologists” too?Nobody likes Assad, he shouldn’t be trusted. But that doesn’t mean we can’t have talks of diplomacy and trying to end the forever wars.

CNN witchfinder-general Bakari Sellers sniffed Gabbard out earlier this week, just as she was poised to return to the debate stage and probably fill the audience’s ears with insidious Russian lies, telling a table of surprised panelists there is “no question that Tulsi Gabbard, of all the 12 [candidates], is a puppet for the Russian government.” They weren't ready for that truth bomb!

NBC has also exposed the Kremlin’s siren, calling upon disinformation aficionados New Knowledge’s report to show that the “Russia's propaganda machine” was fueling Gabbard's popularity on social media. New Knowledge fabricated just such a "propaganda machine" to tank Republican senate candidate Roy Moore's campaign in 2017, so you know they're experts.


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