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'Wrong'! Christina Pushaw shreds Gov. Gavin Newsom's accusation that DeSantis 'bullied' the Special Olympics

Added 06-04-22 03:30:03pm EST - “"The only 'bullies' here are..."” - Twitchy.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Twitchy.com: “Christina Pushaw shreds Gov. Gavin Newsom's accusation that DeSantis 'bullied' the Special Olympics”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom has proven himself to have quite a preoccupation with what’s happening in Florida even though there are many problems that need addressing in his own state. In today’s example, Newsom cited a Salon story to accuse Gov. DeSantis of “bullying” the Special Olympics:

Newsom would like everybody to believe what DeSantis did was to bully the Special Olympics when in fact the mandate could be considered bullying special Olympians. DeSantis press secretary Christina Pushaw had some reality checks for Newsom:

Wrong. The only “bullies” here are the organizers who tried to force athletes with complex medical needs to take shots, even ignoring medical exemptions. Governor DeSantis stepped in to defend the athletes, and now we’re having an inclusive Special Olympics in Florida! https://t.co/DrVawwqh72

Sit this one out. Governor DeSantis stood up to Covidian bullying to ensure that 70 Special Olympians can compete despite not being vaccinated. Meanwhile — your Covid bullying has driven hundreds of thousands of Californians out of your state, including myself.

Also, your wife is a vaccine skeptic, so maybe you should ask her how she feels about people with special needs & complex medical conditions being FORCED to take shots in order to compete in the special Olympics? I doubt she would stand for that, if it involved your own family?


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