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Writing an Academic Book, Part IV: The Writing Process

Added 01-25-21 02:21:01am EST - “Fourth and final post in my series on how to write an academic book and get it published.” - Reason.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Reason.com: “Writing an Academic Book, Part IV: The Writing Process”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

This is the fourth and final post in my series on how to write and academic press book and get it published. In Part I, I summarized the criteria that can help you decide whether you want to write an academic book in the first place. Part II addressed the issue of how to choose a publisher. The third post in the series offers advice on how to get publishers to accept your proposal. In this part, I offer some advice about how to get through the often-difficult and painful process of actually writing the book.

If you write effortlessly and well, and have no trouble getting readers to understand your meaning, you probably don't need need the advice in this post. If you're well-organized and consistently hard-working, or have few competing commitments taking up your time, you can probably skip large parts of it, as well.

For the rest of you, the good news is that you can write successful books even if you're not a naturally talented writer, and even if you're as lazy and disorganized as I tend to be be a lot of the time! If I can get a book done, you probably can too.

There is no one fool-proof way to write a book. But I can, nonetheless, offer a few suggestions that are likely to be useful for many academic writers. I'm far from an ideal writer, myself. But I have written six books, including some that attracted considerable interest and attention. I also have plenty of painful experience battling problems that often beset writers.

As emphasized in my first post in this series, writing a book usually takes a lot of time. To add to the problem, there is a great temptation to procrastinate and delay.


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