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Why Trump Wanted to Hold the G7 at Doral

Added 10-21-19 02:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: Trump loves to host people. He loves showing off his properties. He loves people having a good time.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Why Trump Wanted to Hold the G7 at Doral”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: This Doral business, can I tell you what happened with this Doral business? I know Donald Trump. And I know the things that Donald Trump likes to do, and I know the things that make him proud. He announces the G7 is going to be at his place in Miami, the Doral resort. Immediately people in Washington who do not understand the concept of personal achievement, they have no clue who Donald Trump is because they’ve lived in this world of hatred for so long, they simply hate him because he’s there.

They hate him because he ran. They hate him because he won. It would be like somebody trying to buy an NFL team that the establishment didn’t want in the NFL and somehow pulled it off. It would be exactly like that. It’s exactly what it is. Now, among the businesses that Donald Trump is in is hospitality. And hospitality, it’s an interesting business. It’s showing people a good time, especially people paying for it, finding a way to make sure people enjoy themselves when you are hosting.

And Trump loves to host people. He loves showing off his properties. He loves people having a good time. I will guarantee you, as far as I can, that the last thing Donald Trump was thinking about was personal profit. Now, it’s never out of his mind. He’s a businessman. But the primary reason for suggesting and having the G7 at Doral was not personal profit. It was, “Come see my place. Look what I’ve built here, have a good time here. Let’s get something done here.”

But people in Washington and all of his Democrat critics will never understand it. If you could have a half hour with ’em to explain it, they wouldn’t understand it because they don’t have the same kind of humility. They’re not interested in people having a good time in things they host. Their mind does not work this way. But Trump’s does. They will never understand it.

I’m also guessing here, but I think he was probably deeply disappointed to have to withdraw this. And not because he’s pulling himself out of trouble or any of that. He was really looking forward to having the thing. I know some of you cynics out there, “Rush, come on, even if he gave it away,” meaning the event, “even if he didn’t make a profit, he was going to make a lot of profit because the place will have been used for G7. That’s gonna cause bigger crowds to come to it the rest of the year,” blah, blah.


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