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Who Are These People? Massive Trump Rally Crowds Ignored by Media and I Know Why

Added 09-23-20 04:42:02pm EST - “RUSH: There are literally thousands and thousands of people. They're being totally ignored by the media. It's as though they're not there. They are taken for granted.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Who Are These People? Massive Trump Rally Crowds Ignored by Media and I Know Why”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: I wish I could use that too. But I don’t dare. I don’t dare use either one of them. I just cracked a couple of jokes here to the staff, and their reaction is to shake their heads. They’re laughing uncontrollably and then shaking their heads at the same time and saying, “You better not. You can’t say that.” And, of course, they’re right.

Anyway, how are you, my friends? It is great to have you with us. It’s great to be with you. We have three hours of broadcast excellence straight ahead. The phone number if you want to join us today is 800-282-2882, and the email address, [email protected]

So President Trump, another rally, Moon Township by Pittsburgh last night. You know, folks, I have to tell you something. I watch these rallies. But more than that, I look at these crowds. Do you realize how big these crowds are? These crowds, especially in the past couple of weeks of rallies, these crowds have been bigger than any of the crowds in 2016. And the campaign releases photos of the crowd after the event or during the event. It’s massive.

And I have found myself asking a question. Who are these people? And I’m not asking that in terms of being critical at all. I really would like to know who they are. Let me put it this way. Who is it that would, I know the weather’s not cold yet, but it’s in the sixties and fifties now in late September. These people are showing up from who knows where. I’m sure nearby, but they’re showing up and you don’t just drive to the event here and spend a couple hours and leave.

You’ve gotta get there early if you want to get in. You’ve gotta go through security. It’s pretty much a multiple-hour commitment to go to one of these things. And you’re not gonna get close enough to the president to get a selfie photo or a handshake, certainly not, or an autograph. The president pretty much scoots when these things are over, after he dances to YMCA. They play YMCA as the closing music when the president finishes. And he does his little dance and jive to it and then gets on the plane and splits.


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