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White House Prepares to Unveil New Narrative About Surging Pandemic Cases: ‘We Need to Live With It'

Added 07-03-20 07:34:03pm EST - “White House prepares to unveil new narrative about surging coronavirus pandemic cases: 'The virus is with us, but we need to live with it'” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “White House Plans New Narrative About Surging Pandemic Cases”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Trump administration is planning to unveil a new, more unified message about the surging coronavirus pandemic next week, after weeks of outrage and criticism of its muddied and often aimless narrative about the best course forward.

According to a Friday evening report from NBC News, the White House will roll out a public relations campaign emphasizing that the country cannot return to the shelter-in-place rules of late winter and early spring that sharply blunted the spread of Covid-19. Numerous public health experts have criticized the large number of states that reopened their economies in early May, and have linked the premature end of lockdowns and their laissez-faire approach to mask wearing to the new record highs of 50,000-plus positive cases seen in the past few days.

“Eager to move forward and reopen the economy amid a recession and a looming presidential election, the White House is now pushing acceptance,” NBC News reports.”‘The virus is with us, but we need to live with it,’ is how one official said the administration plans to message on the pandemic.”

The Trump administration’s planned message of resignation toward the pandemic comes in the wake of the president reprising his absurd claim from late February that Covid-19 will “just disappear,” even as nearly 130,000 Americans have perished from the virus and hundreds continue to die from it every day.


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