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What Did Betsy Ross Ever Do to Anyone?

Added 07-11-19 03:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: She's a heroine, an early American woman. A woman who was fundamentally involved in the creation of our national symbol. There's no reason this woman should come under assault.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “What Did Betsy Ross Ever Do to Anyone?”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: Ladies and gentlemen, when we began the week in our own little, small way here pushing back against Nike and Colin Kaepernick and their attacks on Betsy Ross, what did Betsy Ross ever do to anybody? Stop and think about this at the root level. Nike introduces a new pair of sneakers for the Fourth of July and they’ve got the Betsy Ross flag on them in the heel.

Colin Kaepernick, San Francisco 49er quarterback decides he doesn’t like them, tells Nike he doesn’t like them. Nike says that’s really cool. Okay, we’ll not sell the shoes. And they shelve ’em, don’t sell ’em. The news erupts: Kaepernick doesn’t like shoes, Nike cancels shoes. People immediately began to suspect it was nothing more than a PR stunt.

But whether it was a stunt or not, it contained an attack on the American flag, that an American corporation rewarded an attack on the woman, the woman, the woman who designed the first American flag, that made it, Betsy Ross. Betsy Ross, what did she ever do to anybody? Why in the world is Betsy Ross under assault, much less the American flag that she designed? And yet, it’s exactly what happened.

So we decided at the store to answer back and to push back. And we created the Stand Up for Betsy Ross T-shirt with our unique, one-of-a-kind T-shirt fabric and a great design. I’ve just pulled it out of the drawer here again. I’m gonna hold it up to the side camera on the Dittocam so you can get a good gander at it here. I’ve got it positioned right there. There we go. That’s it.

Now, when we started this on Monday, within a half hour to an hour we became aware that there were 15 different knockoffs. In other words, other outfits were creating copycat designs of that shirt and putting them for sale on their websites, trying to make unaware buyers think that they were official T-shirts. They’re not.


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