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We Found a Perfect Metaphor for Government

Added 01-10-19 03:21:02pm EST - “The city admitted its mistake after collecting the fines.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “We Found a Perfect Metaphor for Government”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Nicole LaVeglia of Queens parked her car in a legal spot on January 2. Less than an hour later, the city's Department of Transportation showed up, drilled a hole, and installed a "No Parking" sign near the vehicle. With the car suddenly in violation of the sign, the New York Police Department then towed the car and LeVeglia was slapped with $185 in fines.

Woman parks legally. 45 minutes later, workers show up, install no parking signs. Hour later, woman's car is towed away.

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The story itself is the metaphor. Let me explain it. Woman parks her car legally. Gub'ment shows up and installs a new parking sign. Gub'ment then does the car for being parked illegally. Get it now? It's a metaphor for government. Sigh.

It's a good metaphor, but not perfect. Perfect would be taking several days to install the sign, adding tickets all the while, then booting it and towing it, and losing it in the system so long that the impound company sells it to a junk yard, and then sending the bill to the owner, then foreclosing on her house for unpaid fines, and throwing her in jail for resisting arrest.


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