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WATCH: Soldiers of Clint Lorance's Platoon React in Disgust to Hannity's Interview with Convicted Killer Pardoned by Trump

Added 07-03-20 09:34:03am EST - “The Washington Post just published an investigation into the platoon that served ?" for just three days ?" under 1Lt.? Clint Lorance in Afghanistan.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Soldiers of Clint Lorance's Platoon React in Disgust to Hannity's Interview”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Washington Post just published an investigation into the platoon that served — for just three days  — under 1Lt. Clint Lorance in Afghanistan. In those three days, Lorance allegedly committed three war crimes, and the platoon swiftly turned him in. He was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to a nineteen-year prison sentence. But he only served six years, thanks to a lobbying effort by Fox News hosts who convinced President Donald Trump to pardon Lorance. He was freed last year.

The Post spoke to members of Lorance’s former platoon in the 4th Brigade Combat Team, 82nd Airborne Division, who expressed disgust that conservative media lionized Lorance and a feeling of betrayal in response to Trump’s mindless pardoning of him. The paper provided a detailed account of the war crimes and their aftermath, “based on a transcript of Lorance’s 2013 court-martial at Fort Bragg, N.C., and on-the-record interviews with 15 members of 1st Platoon.”

In 2012, after several soldiers in the platoon were wounded in Afghanistan, Lorance, who had never seen combat, was named their new platoon leader. Soldiers testified that in the brief period he led the platoon, he ordered them to shoot at children and kill civilians.

On Lorance’s third day in charge, the platoon spotted three Afghan men who did not appear armed, 150 to 200 yards away on a motorcycle. Lorance ordered his soldiers to shoot the men. The first shots missed. The men stopped the motorcycle and waved at the soldiers, seemingly presenting no threat. “Smoke ’em,” Lorance ordered. After confusion and reticence from his unit, one of the platoon’s lowest-ranking soldiers opened fire, killing two of the men. The third man ran away. The bodies were found to be unarmed. Soldiers in the platoon were furious. According to court testimony, Lorance was ecstatic, exclaiming: “That was fucking awesome.”

Lorance’s soldiers turned him in that evening, and at the July 2013 trial, 14 of his men testified under oath against him. Four of those soldiers received immunity in exchange for their testimony. Lorance did not appear on the stand, and not one of his former 1st Platoon soldiers spoke in his defense. The trial lasted three days. It took the jury of Army officers three hours to find him guilty of second-degree murder, making false statements and ordering his men to fire at Afghan civilians. The jury handed down a 20-year sentence.


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