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WATCH: Governor Cuomo Makes The Dumbest COVID Comparison Possible (VIDEO)

Added 11-30-20 07:02:02pm EST - “New York Governor Andrew Cuomo told viewers to watch out for the 'COVID Grinch' during the holiday season and Cuomo painted a picture to viewers that holiday gatherings will cause a massive spread of the disease in New York.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “WATCH: Governor Cuomo Makes The Dumbest COVID Comparison Possible (VIDEO)”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Cuomo then drifted to how COVID is like the Grinch, “Yeah, COVID is the Grinch. Think of it that way. And the COVID Grinch is an opportunist. And the COVID Grinch sees this as the season of viral transmission. All those things that the holiday season brings, they all increase social activity. They all increase mobility, and they will all increase viral transmission. So this is the season of the COVID Grinch. Also, when you hear that holiday music, Marsha, think, think COVID Grinch and be on alert, because that is part of this holiday season and the holiday season is going to have a profound effect. It already has.”

Cuomo continued, “When people started to travel for the holiday season. When they started to travel for Thanksgiving. When students started to go home. When people started to shop. When they started to move around. Increased mobility, increased social activity, increased viral infection rate. It is directly proportionate. And we talked about this before Thanksgiving, you are not just going into the Thanksgiving weekend. You’re starting a thirty-seven day holiday period. That’s why Dr. Fauci over the weekend was talking about there’s now going to be a surge on the surge. So we had a full surge. My words. We now have a holiday surge on top of the full surge. That’s Dr. Fauci surge on top of the surge. And it’s not going to be a one or two-day affair. It’s going to be the entire holiday season, which is 37 days.”

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