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WATCH: ‘Daily Show' Supercut of GOP Impeachment Questions Mocks Party's Obsession With Hunter Biden

Added 11-14-19 12:34:02am EST - “'The Daily Show' mocks GOP's obsession with Hunter Biden in a supercut of its off-topic impeachment questions about the former vice president's son.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “'Daily Show' Supercut Mocks GOP Obsession With Hunter Biden”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Comedy Central’s Trevor Noah called out the House Republicans’ efforts to distract and derail the first day of impeachment hearings into President Donald Trump, stitching together a supercut of all their many questions ignoring the president’s conduct completely to instead focus solely on Hunter Biden.

“The Republicans also had their turn to question the witnesses about with Trump had done,” Noah pointed out. “It seemed like they were trying to solve a completely different case.”

Time and again, a The Daily Show clip highlighted GOP impeachment counsel Stephen Castor grilling the two diplomatic witnesses, State Dept. official for European Affairs George Kent and acting US Ambassador to Ukraine Bill Taylor, on various details about the former vice president’s son, about whom they had almost no knowledge.

“Also does Hunter Biden like flowers? Or do you think I could send mim a card? Are you friends with Hunter Biden?” Noah joked, affecting the persona of a middle-school girl harboring a deep crush.

“What the hell was this?” Noah then said, turning serious. “Here is the thing, man. If Republicans want to investigate Hunter Biden then investigate Hunter Biden. But that is not what this hearing is about. You are just making it about something else. Imagine if the cops showed up to your office to investigate a robbery and while they are dusting for prints you pop up, like ‘Hey, I know you guys are busy, but could you also figure out who has been stealing my yogurt every day?’ ‘That’s not the reason we’re here.’ ‘Well maybe it should be, okay?! That was Ukrainian yogurt!'”


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