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Watch as Comfortably Smug calls up the minions to go after Media Matters and they, and the press, blinked

Added 12-06-19 06:30:04pm EST - “When comfortably Smug decides to put an outlet in his crosshairs the only thing surprising about the result is how fast it happened.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Watch as Comfortably Smug calls up the minions to go after Media Matters and they, and the press, blinked”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

If you do not follow @ComfortablySmug then there is no other way to say it–you are doing Twitter incorrectly.

Today one of our favorite conservative agitators got fed up with the way the press swallows spoon-fed talking points from the hyper-leftists source Media Matters for America, so he decided to take action.

It all began with the story circulating today of Nikki Haley supposedly giving fawning words to the Confederate Flag. To explain, the accusation was she had given glowing praise of the flag during her term as governor of South Carolina, during that state’s debate years back about removing the flag. What Haley had actually said was some of her citizens held the flag in high regard.

That dumpster fire of a story was provoked by MMFA, and Smug basically had enough. The first thing he did was his favorite standby; he summoned up his followers.

But along with that he also seemingly undertook a new enterprise. (This being a known prankster account you always have to hedge, but the hope is this is legitimate.) Smug called on an acolyte to begin a compilation of news outlets that are repurposing those MMFA talking points.


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