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WaPo/ABC poll: Suddenly, Trump and Biden in virtual tie -- except in one key measure

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “WaPo/ABC poll: Suddenly, Trump and Biden in virtual tie -- except in one key measure”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Be careful what you wish for. When Bernie Sanders jumped out to an initial delegate lead in this year’s Democratic primaries, the party establishment pushed hard to get everyone else out of the way so that Joe Biden could rebound. After South Carolina, the strategy worked. Biden rolled up victory after victory and has all but eclipsed Sanders from any chance at a delegate lead, let alone the first-ballot majority Sanders would need to get the nomination.

How’s that working out so far?  While Democrats attack Donald Trump for his initial responses to the coronavirus outbreak, Trump has suddenly gained significant ground in the latest Washington Post/ABC News poll. The gap between them narrowed from seven points to two, and Biden doesn’t get any boost at all from the coronavirus crisis:

Trump has moved from what was a seven-point deficit in February to a near tie with Biden today. Among registered voters, Biden is favored by 49 percent and Trump by 47 percent. When the poll measures preferences among all adults, Biden stands at 50 percent and Trump at 44 percent.

Trump is more trusted to handle the economy, while Biden is more trusted to deal with health care. When voters are asked whom they trust more to confront the coronavirus outbreak, the difference between the two is statistically insignificant.

Interestingly, Trump’s overall job approval rating has also jumped significantly over the past month. In the February poll, Trump got a 46/52 rating; today, it’s 48/46, a change of eight points in the gap. This is the highest approval rating Trump has in the entire WaPo/ABC series, blowing away the previous best of 44/51 from January, a bounce from the collapse of impeachment.


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