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‘Very thin thread': IDF may strike Gaza quietly & unexpectedly amid tensions with Hamas

Added 06-15-19 12:37:03am EST - “The IDF reportedly wants to scrap the policy of warning Gaza residents before conducting airstrikes against alleged Hamas targets, as cross-border tensions with the enclave have once again flared up this week.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “‘Very thin thread’: IDF may strike Gaza quietly & unexpectedly amid tensions with Hamas”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Israeli military typically warns the residents of Gaza, either by automatic phone calls or leaflets, to stay clear of buildings which could be affiliated with Hamas militants prior to striking them. But the never-ending violence along the Gaza-Israeli border, triggered by Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish state, is making the IDF reconsider their tactics.

As Israel remains “on the verge of a serious military campaign,” the IDF wants to end the policy of warning Gaza residents before airstrikes, even if it results in more casualties, a senior military source was quoted as saying by Channel 12.

“Everything is hanging by a very thin thread and the situation could change dramatically,” the source added, noting that top generals are expected to push for a much stronger response soon.

Israel has waged three wars against Gaza – Operation Cast Lead (2008), Operation Pillar of Defense (2012), and Operation Protective Edge (2014) – but has stopped short of a full-fledged invasion of the territory for over a year, despite a series of intense cross-border air strikes and rocket fire exchanges. Disagreement with Benjamin Netanyahu over his repeated ceasefire deals even led to the resignation of Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman, who accused the government of “capitulation to terror.” The latest truce was reached in May.

Over the course of the week, however, allegedly in response to rocket fire and incendiary balloons, Israel has carried out numerous airstrikes on Hamas targets. Violence also flared up on Friday at the border fence, with at least 49 people injured by IDF tear gas, live and rubber bullets during the Great March of Return protests, which were held for the 61st week in a row.


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