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US at risk of armed anti-police insurgency within FIVE YEARS, researcher claims

Added 04-17-21 09:37:02am EST - “Temitope Oriola, an expert in armed insurgency in sub-Saharan Africa, has issued a chilling warning that the US may soon witness its own armed insurgency if significant police and criminal justice reform is not enacted quickly.” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “US at risk of armed anti-police insurgency within FIVE YEARS, researcher claims”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Oriola is the joint Editor-in-Chief of the African Security journal and associate professor at the University of Alberta. Based on his years of experience studying armed uprisings across the globe, he now believes that the US is potentially on the brink of disaster. 

In a recent article, he cites recent examples including the shooting death of Breonna Taylor, the asphyxiation death of George Floyd and the shooting death of Daunte Wright during a traffic stop as examples of deteriorating sociopolitical conditions for African Americans.

Without significant intervention and reform, Oriola believes the social conditions in the US may well lead to an armed insurgency within the next five years, and posits an anti-police insurgency as the most likely to occur.

After examining the development of the Zapatista uprising in Mexico, or militant insurgencies in the Niger Delta in Nigeria, Oriola believes were such an armed uprising to take place in the US, it would begin with disparate groups who would gradually form some sort of loose coalition with no centralized leadership. This decentralized power structure already exists in social justice movements like Antifa, for example.

Oriola highlights the fact that one direct root cause is insufficient for such armed uprisings to take shape, rather that a number of social, political and economic factors must coalesce simultaneously in order for the balance to tip in favor of organised insurgency. 


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