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UPDATE: Mission CTH Liberty Underway…

Added 11-28-20 12:36:02am EST - “Ground Control to Liberty One: .."We have main engine separation, next stop ?" Freedom"? As the CTH community is aware, WordPress/Automattic has demanded our voice leave thei?” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “UPDATE: Mission CTH Liberty Underway…”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

As the CTH community is aware, WordPress/Automattic has demanded our voice leave their platform. Effective this moment “Operation CTH Liberty” is underway and we are separating from main host web servers. {Go Deep} During this transitional phase we are in controlled comment blackout until the site migration is complete to new host servers. You may or may not be able to comment. The anticipated transit time is 30 hours to new host.

During the transition and data transfer we will need to shut down commenting function for CTH (WordPress) until CTH 2.0 launches. The mirroring of the site during this process will take (based on the test run) approximately 30 hours +/-. As a result, it is highly likely comments will be closed for around two days. Unfortunately, there is no other way to pull this off; it is simply a matter of volume and scale.

We will continue to post new articles and you will be able to see them, you just might not be able to comment on them until the full data transfer to Treehouse 2.0 is complete.

[Remember, the articles from CTH/CTH 2.0 cross-post onto Twitter, and you can also comment there. Or use the Twitter link to return to the CTH 2.0 article when live]

♦ The domain name will remain the same: “”, and should be seamless in transition to the new website.  However, after CTH 2.0 launch you may need to clear your browser “cookies” and “cache” so that your search or bookmark reaches the new servers accurately.


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