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Upcoming Versa update offers a glimpse of a post-Google Fitbit OS

Added 11-13-19 10:15:03am EST - “Fitbit has announced a new update to its mobile OS, and it brings a slew of features that will make your watch smarter.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Upcoming Versa update offers a glimpse of a post-Google Fitbit OS”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

It’s going to be a while before the Fitbit-Google partnership results in anything tangible, but in the meantime Fitbit is continuing to refine its wearable vision. The company announced Wednesday that it will be rolling out the Fitbit OS 4.1 update in December, and it brings a bunch of new features that prime the Versa for an inevitable Wear OS merger.

The biggest change is also the most visible: the clock face. Fitbit is finally adding the ability to store extra faces on the watch, so you don’t need to visit the app on your phone every time you want to change the look. Fitbit will now let users store up to five faces on their watch, and a new rating system will make it easier to find quality clocks from the 4,000-plus faces available in the gallery.

Versa 2 users will also have three new always-on faces to choose from, incuding color options for the first time, that offer “full health and fitness stats, with faster transitions between always-on and active views.” Fitbit says the new faces will still get two-plus days of battery life.

Fitbit is already the industry leader when it comes to sleep tracking, but with OS 4.1, it’s putting more focus on waking up. A new Smart Wake feature will intelligently decide when to start waking you for your alarm so you won’t be jolted out of a deep sleep by your Versa. Now you’ll be able to set silent on-device alarms that can wake you “with subtle vibrations at an optimal time in your sleep cycle so you can start your day feeling more refreshed.” And Fitbit will also be delivering your nightly Sleep Score to your wrist so you can quickly get a complete picture of your night’s rest each morning.

Also new is an Agenda app that “will help you take on the day to live your best life and help manage your daily schedule on-the-go.” Depending on your platform, it will pull from your calendar and display upcoming appointments, so you won’t need to fuss with a new scheduling app. You'll also now be able to ask Alexa to start a workout without first entering the Fitbit skill.


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