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United Passenger Who Did CPR on Man with COVID Gets $200 Thank You

Added 01-15-21 09:17:01am EST - “The United Airlines passengers who risked their health to give aid to a man who died from COVID got $200 vouchers for their trouble.” - Tmz.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Tmz.com: “United Passenger Who Did CPR on Man with COVID Gets $200 Thank You”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The United passengers who risked their own health to give aid to a man who had COVID-19 have been compensated for the "inconvenience" ... with vouchers barely worth a round trip anywhere.

Tony Aldapa -- one of the passengers who performed CPR on the COVID-infected man for 45 minutes -- tells TMZ, he got a call from a United rep Thursday thanking him for his assistance during the crisis, and letting him know a $200 electronic travel certificate would be emailed to him.

Tony says the rep didn't mention anything about the man who died having the coronavirus, and the email from United simply says ... "We apologize for the inconvenience you experienced on your recent trip."

Steven Chang also assisted the ill passenger, and likewise ... got a thank you call and a $200 voucher. We're told Chang's wife, who was also on the December 14 flight, did not get a voucher. Neither did a couple other passengers who were on the flight -- Megan Hubbard and Cameron Roberts. So, it seems United is only dishing out travel cash to those directly involved in trying to save the COVID positive passenger.

You'll recall, United said the man claimed he had not been diagnosed with COVID and had no symptoms, but his wife commented during the emergency that he had recently lost his sense of taste and smell and had trouble breathing.


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