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Ultimate Apple silicon showdown: Every Apple processor compared

Added 12-02-21 07:15:03am EST - “Boom goes the benchmarks! Let's take a look at the processors in the iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineup and see how each processor performs.” - Macworld.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Macworld.com: “Ultimate Apple silicon showdown: Every Apple processor compared”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

At the heart of every Apple device is a processor. Apple has been using its own processors in its iPhones and iPads for some time, while the Mac lineup just started the second year of a two-year transition. Apple has far more devices with its own silicon than Intel’s now, and before the end of 2022, likely every product it makes will be powered by a home-grown chip.

What’s remarkable about Apple silicon is its performance—major chip manufacturers can’t ignore Apple’s chips because they’re being outpaced by Apple. That’s great for Apple and its customers, but for users invested in Apple products, more important is understanding the performance differences between each chp. Knowing how each chip performs gives you a better idea of what products to buy and whether or not it’s worth your money to step up to a higher model.

Let’s take a look at the processors in the iPhone, iPad, and Mac lineup and see how each processor performs and what that means to you. For the sake of consistency, we’ve used Geekbench 5 numbers. 

Before we compare the performance of each iPhone processor, let’s take a look at the specifications so we can understand the differences between them. For the first time

Now let’s look at how each processor performs. Not surprisingly, the A15 Bionic in the iPhone 13 Pro is the fastest. The iPhone 13 also has the A15 Bionic processor, but for the first time, it has one fewer GPU core than the iPhone 13 Pro—that one extra GPU core allows the Pro phone to boast a 35 percent graphics performance increase over its non-Pro sibling.


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