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Ukrainian Journalist ‘Executed in Cold Blood' by Russian Troops, Investigation Says

Added 06-22-22 06:49:01am EST - “Investigators for Reporters Without Borders found that Maks Levin was executed as he tried to recover a drone containing footage of Russia's invasion.” - Thedailybeast.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thedailybeast.com: “Ukrainian Journalist ‘Executed in Cold Blood’ by Russian Troops, Investigation Says ”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Investigators for Reporters Without Borders found that Maks Levin was executed as he tried to recover a drone containing footage of Russia’s invasion.

A well-known Ukrainian photojournalist was “executed in cold blood” by Russian forces when he tried to retrieve footage he’d shot shortly after the Feb. 24 invasion, an investigation has found.

Maks Levin, a photojournalist who freelanced for Reuters, the BBC, Associated Press and several Ukrainian news agencies, vanished in the early days of the war, just a day after his 2-year-old son’s birthday in mid-March. After frantic search efforts by family and friends, his body was found outside Kyiv in early April, along with that of Ukrainian serviceman Oleksiy Chernyshov, a friend with whom Levin had been traveling.

Now, Reporters Without Borders has revealed that its investigators found “overwhelming” evidence of a straight-up execution at the scene in Moshchun, outside Kyiv. An investigation by the group published Wednesday said evidence suggested that Levin, who was wearing civilian clothing and a bulletproof vest labeled “PRESS” at the time of his death, was likely either ambushed by Russian forces and executed at point-blank range, or interrogated first by Russian troops who set Chernyshev on fire before executing both men “by shots to the head.”

“Analysis of the photos of the crime scene, the observations made on the spot and the material evidence recovered clearly point to an execution that may have been preceded by interrogation or even acts of torture. In the context of a war heavily marked by propaganda and Kremlin censorship, Maks Levin and his friend paid with their lives for their fight for reliable information. We owe them the truth. And we will fight to identify and find those who executed them,” said Christophe Deloire, the secretary-general of Reporters Without Borders.


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