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Ukrainian general names possible date for 'Russian invasion'

Added 01-26-22 02:37:03am EST - “A Ukrainian general says that February 20 "is a date that concerns us" for a Russian invasion” - Rt.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rt.com: “Ukrainian general names possible date for 'Russian invasion'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Russian tanks and troops could be just weeks away from rolling across the Ukrainian border and sparking an all-out conflict in Europe, one of Kiev’s top generals has alleged.

In an interview published in British newspaper The Times on Saturday, Lieutenant-General Alexander Pavlyuk said that the incursion could be staged in the days following the Winter Olympics, due to be held in Beijing next month. February 20 “is a date that concerns us,” he went on, arguing that Russian President Vladimir Putin would likely want to avoid offending China by overshadowing the games with a war.

In addition, the date marks the end of planned Russian-Belarusian joint military exercises on the border with Ukraine.

Pavlyuk, who served in the Soviet Armed Forces in the final years of the USSR, said he is confident in his troops’ ability to fight against Russia, despite the larger nation’s greater military capabilities. “We have about half a million people who went through a war in this country in which they have either lost someone or something,” he explained. “Half a million who have lost the blood of a relative, lost their homes or lost their friends, and they are ready to tear apart Russians with their bare hands.”

“If our intelligence manages to predict the direction of the main Russian hit, after the first big losses they won’t go further,” he predicted. “Putin realizes that after heavy casualties his army may stop by itself. You cannot trust intuition in this. It is about cold calculation.”


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