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Ukraine says it destroyed an 'elite' Russian unit in eastern Ukraine after a grueling 14-hour battle

Added 06-08-22 04:14:02am EST - “The Ukrainian army's 80th assault brigade says the Russian soldiers retreated in defeat, "leaving in the forest the bodies of the dead."” - Businessinsider.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Businessinsider.com: “Ukraine says it destroyed an 'elite' Russian unit in eastern Ukraine after a grueling 14-hour battle”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Ukraine army says it destroyed a unit of "elite" Russian soldiers after a battle that raged on for over 14 hours. 

In a Facebook post on Tuesday, the 80th assault brigade of the Ukrainian armed forces declared that its troops stopped a Russian unit's attempt to traverse a highway in eastern Ukraine. The Ukrainians did not name the town where the battle occurred, though fierce fighting continues in Severodonetsk as Russia seeks to annex the entirety of the eastern Ukrainian Donbas region. 

"The enemy has not gotten through! Units of the 80th separate paratrooper brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine continue to inflict losses on Russian occupants, fighting them in the eastern direction," the brigade wrote.

The post said that the Ukraine paratroopers who engaged with the Russians were garrisoned in Lviv and waged a 14-hour battle with the Russian unit. The Ukrainians said they used NLAW grenade launchers to take out a Russian combat vehicle and troops. 

At one point during the conflict, the Ukrainians said they realized they were doing battle with the Russian armed forces' Pskov-based infantry division, which "the Russian armed forces considers elite," the post said. 


From Facebook:

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