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Two years after second mistrial, still no justice for Mississippi teen burned alive in her car

Added 11-30-20 09:18:03am EST - “Two years after the second mistrial for Quinton Tellis, the Mississippi man accused of murdering Jessica Chambers, there's still no justice for the teen” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Still no justice for Jessica Chambers 2 yrs after 2nd Quinton Tellis mistrial”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Not one, but two mistrials in the tragic death-by-arson of Jessica Chambers in Courtland, Mississippi, have left her friends and family wondering if the accused murderer, Quinton Tellis, will ever be brought to justice now that six years have passed since her demise. 

And now, a two-hour television special about the brutal case in which Quinton Tellis allegedly set the 19-year-old woman’s car ablaze, “Jessica Chambers: An ID Murder Mystery,” features an EMT who remembers vividly the catastrophically burned teen’s desperate attempts to whisper the name of her killer before she succomed to her injuries, PC Popculture reports.

Daniel Cole, director of Spinola County Emergency Operations, recalled the emotionally charged scene on December 6, 2014, when he and his team of firefighters responded to a call about a car on a rural road that had been engulfed in a murderous conflagration — allegedly started by Quinton Tellis in a successful effort to kill Jessica Chambers.

In a stunningly horrific scene, the dying Chambers came rushing toward the EMTs — clad only in underwear, with 90 percent of her body charred by the cruel fire — in desperate seek of aid.

“I didn’t even ask her if it was an accident, I just asked her who did this to her,” Cole said.


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