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Tucker Carlson Claims Obama Admin ‘Politicized' US Military, Transformed It Into ‘Left-Wing Indoctrination Machine'

Added 12-06-19 10:34:02pm EST - “Fox News host Tucker Carlson claims President Barack Obama 'politicized' the US Military and transformed it into a 'left-wing indoctrination machine'” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Tucker Carlson: Obama Used Military for 'Left-Wing Indoctrination'”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

During a discussion of Democratic presidential candidate and active-duty Army Major Tulsi Gabbard, Fox News host Tucker Carlson went on a bizarre tangent to claim President Barack Obama’s White House “politicized the military” and “turned it into a left-wing indoctrination machine.”

Speaking with University of Maryland Professor Jason Nichols, Carlson began his segment by defending Trump yet again and bashing Speaker Nancy Pelosi. But then the conversation veered to Gabbard and her sometimes awkward,  relationship with the Democratic Party.

“If it’s such a broad tent, then why is the one person excluded from it, Tulsi Gabbard?” Carlson asked.

“You and I agree that the hatred of Tulsi Gabbard is completely unfair,” Nichols said. “The things that they say about her are unfounded and this is something that we do need to fix about the party is eating our own, particularly someone who is serving our country, and I think honestly, Democrats, the one criticism that I’ll give the Democrats is we have ceded so much to the right that really they don’t deserve. We’ve ceded the military…”

“I’d say the military is pretty left,” Carlson broke in, citing no evidence. In fact, a Military Times poll of active-duty military personnel found an even split among those who approve and disapprove of Trump, a rate of support for the president that is roughly 12 percent points higher than the American public.


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