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Trump will provide full disclosure on UFOs... if Lou Dobbs asks him to

Added 08-05-20 10:50:04am EST - “You know what we have to do” - Hotair.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Trump will provide full disclosure on UFOs... if Lou Dobbs asks him to”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

It’s a bit too soon for me to begin taking a victory lap over my speculation that the President might decide to offer full disclosure regarding government knowledge of UFOs as some sort of October surprise. We’re not there yet. But another interesting piece of the puzzle may have dropped into place last night. Lou Dobbs was hosting his usual show on the Fox Business channel and he had the President on the phone as his guest. (This isn’t unusual as the two are reportedly good friends.) Near the end of the interview, however, the topic took a sudden turn from the usual political banter. Dobbs pitched “the question” to Donald Trump. That would be the question that everyone in the ufology field is always hoping to hear. He asked if the President was going to put more resources into UFO research and offer the public full transparency. Trump may have been laughing while giving his answer, but I’m not entirely sure he was joking. (Newsweek)

President Donald Trump has pledged allegiance to “UFO expert” Lou Dobbs, vowing to do “whatever” the Fox Business host asks.

Trump made the remarks during a Tuesday interview with Dobbs, one of the president’s most outspoken admirers. Dobbs invoked a popular right-wing conspiracy theory by praising Trump for being “transparent” despite the efforts of a supposed “deep state” working against him before asking him about whether he would release new information about UFOs.

“A lot of my friends are very concerned about what the federal government is doing with regards to UFOs, so if I could just ask you… are you going to commit more resources to exploring UFOs and open the documents to the public?” Dobbs asked.

“Well I think you’re probably… in this country, you’re the UFO expert,” replied Trump. “So, I’m going to be guided by the great Lou Dobbs. And I will tell you that I’ll do whatever you ask me to do, including total transparency.”


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