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Trump Spoke, The Crowd Chanted, Liberal Pearls Were Clutched

Added 07-18-19 03:16:01am EST - “"Send her back" sent liberals into a brand new tizzy” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Trump Spoke, The Crowd Chanted, Liberal Pearls Were Clutched”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On today’s show we get into the predictably unhinged response to the chants of “send her back” at President Trump’s rally last night. “The Squad” is still trying to defend itself from the public fully paying attention to the racist and anti-Semitic things they’ve said in the past. Kamala Harris has no idea how she’s going to pay for her health care plan, nor does she care. And Bernie Sanders tosses around the idea of spending more money than exists in the world today on his health care plan and he does it with a casualness you’d expect from someone asking you to hand them the remote.

President Trump held another huge campaign rally yesterday, this time in North Carolina. People expecting him to address the Gang of Four “progressive” congresswomen smearing everyone in the country, to one degree or another, as racists were not disappointed. But when the crowd started chanting “send her back” during the President’s discussion of Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, you could feel the liberal narrative for the rest of the week forming. It’s a predictable as the sunrise.

Donny Deutsch, the wildly unpopular MSNBC host, has a message for white people – hate Trump or you’re condoning the next Holocaust. The low-rated Morning Joe regular went on a tirade against white people who like a booming economy for not being woke enough, and demanded they sacrifice whatever they must to get rid of Trump. We have the audio, and you have to hear it to believe it.

Kamala Harris has a plan for “Medicare for All,” whether you want it or not. She says she will not raise taxes on the middle class to cover the cost, so how will she pay for it? Turns out, she has no idea. Nor does she seem to be concerned. She can’t even decide if she wants to kill the private health insurance industry, having supported all sides on that issue, but paying for her plan is kind of important. Well, not to her. Even a top Bernie Sanders aide mocked her lack of any idea how to cover the tens of trillions of dollars it her plan would cost, and when Bernie Sanders can call you fiscally irresponsible… We play the audio and dissect it all.

Speaking of health care, how much does Bernie think his plan will cost? Somewhere in the neighborhood of $30-$40 trillion over 10 years. This massive number didn’t even phase Sanders as it rolled off his tongue. The audio is as shocking as his concern for spending damn near all the money that exists is casual. It’s something to behold.


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