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Trump Schools the Press on Guns & More

Added 08-21-19 03:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: The visual here is the key. The camera the whole time is on Trump, and he looks like a maestro. He's not in any way defensive. He is in total command of this.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Trump Schools the Press on Guns & More”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: So the president is going to Kentucky today to speak to a veterans group, and as seems to be common now, on his way to the helicopter out of the White House, he stops and has an impromptu press conference.

Now, these are classic. As I have pointed out, there are no official White House press briefings anymore, which means that there’s no face time or camera time for members of the Drive-By Media.

There was some NBC reporter today that asked a question. I wasn’t able to hear what it was, but Trump spent a lot of time telling this person how stupid the question was. And they kept shouting things at him about background checks. So he says, (paraphrasing) “Look, I’m not gonna create the slippery slope. I’m not gonna see it so that you get your way and law-abiding citizens don’t have guns in this country. I’m just not gonna do it. I’m not gonna make the law-abiding defenseless! We’re not gonna get rid of the Second Amendment.”

They keep shouting questions. He keeps repeating the answer. So CNN’s headline, now that the press conference is over, “Trump all over the place on gun background checks.” They’re trying to make it look like Trump was the insane lunatic here. And of course if nobody saw the press conference — CNN’s audience is gonna believe what CNN says, but it’s the exact opposite.

It’s the media that looks like a bunch of Romper Room kids. It’s the media that looks like they’re just childish and don’t have any idea what’s going on. Trump looks totally in command and in control, and he’s informing these people, he is lecturing these people. He’s taking more time to talk to members of the press than any president ever has. He gives them what they claim to want more than anything, is access.


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