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Trump Calls Their Bluff, Now Dems Want to Talk

Added 08-10-20 03:42:02pm EST - “RUSH: Now that he has mandated these benefits, how can the Democrats take 'em away? Don't put it past them. They are all about creating chaos.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Trump Calls Their Bluff, Now Dems Want to Talk”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: Trump and the suspension of the payroll tax, the Democrats’ panicked reaction to it. Oh, by the way, guess who now wants to talk to Trump about the extended coronavirus bill?

That would be Schumer and Pelosi. He called their bluff, and he’s going to, with executive orders, go ahead and follow through on coronavirus continued relief for people who are unemployed, and they now want to be part of it.

RUSH: There was a tweet on Friday or Saturday by Mark Knoller, who used to be at CBS. They fired him in a bloodletting. They had to get rid of some people. It was to reduce the number of staff kind of move. So he’s out there. He was beloved within the Washington press corps so he still tweets, and they still report the tweets.

And his tweet was: “Pres says he’s ordering a payroll tax holiday for those making less than $100K/year. Would be in effect from August 1 to the end of 2020. Says if he’s re-elected he’ll extend the holiday and terminate the tax.”

And, lo and behold, it happened. Trump on Saturday signed a series of executive orders expanding the coronavirus economic relief to Americans struggling during the pandemic. There are four of these things, four of these executive orders. Let me go through them for you.


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