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TrendForce: Apple ‘staying with the plan' to announce iPhone SE 3 in early 2022

Added 11-30-21 07:31:02pm EST - “A TrendForce report now corroborates that Apple is "staying with the plan" to announce iPhone SE 3 in early 2022.” - 9to5mac.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From 9to5mac.com: “TrendForce: Apple 'staying with the plan' to announce iPhone SE 3 in early 2022”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

TrendForce this week reported that Apple is expected to have strong demand during the holiday quarter. However, in addition to sharing some market share numbers, the report also corroborates that Apple is “staying with the plan” to announce the iPhone SE 3 in early 2022.

According to TrendForce, the strong results have pushed Apple up to second place in the global smartphone sales ranking, and the analyst company expects that Apple will gain even more market share with the next generation iPhone SE.

The report mentions that the iPhone SE 3 will be announced by Apple in the first quarter of 2022, which suggests that the company might hold another special event around March. While TrendForce has not shared details about the new iPhone SE, it does mention that the device will likely support 5G networks.

Apple is staying with the plan to release its third-generation iPhone SE in 1Q22 and four models under a new series in 2H22. The third-generation iPhone SE is expected to be a major instrument in helping Apple establish a presence in the market segment for mid-range 5G smartphones. Its production volume for 2022 is forecasted to reach 25-30 million units.

Interestingly, TrendForce also says that next year’s iPhone lineup will be available four different sizes.


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