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Tom Fitton on War Room: Democrats Didn't Even Know What They Were Impeaching Trump Over Until They Asked Focus Groups

Added 11-20-19 02:41:01pm EST - “Tom Fitton, founder and president of Judicial Watch joined Steve Bannon's War Room to discuss the ongoing impeachment coup against President Donald Trump. After conducting focus groups, Democrats discovered Americans are skeptical…” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Tom Fitton on War Room: Democrats Didn’t Even Know What They Were Impeaching Trump Over Until They Asked Focus Groups”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

In a desperate attempt to galvanize public support of their impeachment sham, Democrats ratcheted up their rhetoric and began repeating the more colloquial term “bribery” in recent days to make the case for why Trump should be removed from office, warned Tom Fitton.

“They are impeaching by polling now,” Fitton explained in an interview with Stephen K. Bannon’s War Room. “They figured out to use the word ‘bribery’ after they went back and polled someone. They didn’t even know what they were impeaching him over until they asked the focus group themselves.”

Despite six weeks of witness interviews in the impeachment inquiry and hundreds of hours of testimony, the American people aren’t buying the roulette wheel of legal allegations Democrats are leveling against the president, Fitton argued.

“These are lateral passes they are throwing down the field in hopes they get to the goal of impeachment. They are just doing whatever they can and ‘bribery’ is the latest because they had a poll, they literally just did focus groups, according to the Washington Post” he said, “They found ‘bribery’ worked.”


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