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Thoughts from the ammo line

Added 06-14-19 08:31:01am EST - “Ammo Grrrll has a modest proposal in the form of JUNIOR YEAR IN HELL. She writes: I have recently seen a poll in which the majority of millennials claim to want to live under socialism. Bully for them, and don't let the door hit you…” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Thoughts from the ammo line”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

I have recently seen a poll in which the majority of millennials claim to want to live under socialism. Bully for them, and don’t let the door hit you in the bum on the way out, kiddies. One of my favorite comedians back in the day was a (then) young man named Jake Johannsen. And one of my favorite lines of his was “I live in California now, but I grew up in Iowa. I was 21 before I realized I was…free to go.” Well, guess what, guys? You are not only free to leave Iowa (even you, Dave Begley!) you are free to get the heck out of the entire country! You can leave here on the next plane and try your hand at North Korea or Venezuela. Take a rickety raft to Cuba. There must be at least one used raft lying around in Florida.

See, one of the easiest ways to tell which countries are good and which countries are the President’s inelegantly but accurately expressed “s***holes” is to ask yourself “which countries have walls to protect their borders from invasion and which countries have walls to PREVENT their own people from leaving?” Many young people won’t understand that difference until they desperately want to leave but find that they can’t. This really couldn’t be simpler. But our miseducated youth who got all their post-college news from Jon Stewart have no idea of what life under socialism is like.

I propose we organize a new public program called “Junior Year in Hell” for all these idealistic socialists. Out of mercy, we will start by assigning just the morbidly-obese drop-outs from Michelle Obama’s All-Arugula School Lunch Program to North Korea.

Armed with their starry-eyed dreams plus the Collected Works of Kim Il Sung, a Dennis Rodman t-shirt in 3XL, and a manual on how to forage for and prepare grass, the plucky but delicate millennials can begin a life of service to Dear Leader. Remember, comrades, you may make no eye contact with others; only look down. That’s where you might find grass, anyway, or possibly a lizard for dinner. Should they be able to avoid serving as a modern-day Donner Party for the starving Norks, they could return healthier than when they left. Assuming Orange Man Bad can get them freed.

Ah, but I hear the little spittle-flying loudmouth yet fragile darlings say, “No, no, we don’t mean an icky POOR country where they only have jeans that are torn because they are OLD and RAGGEDY, not because they are cool and expensive. We mean like, you know, like in Switzerland or Sweden, or Norway or something. Whatever.”


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