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The Trump administration wants to allow states to impose lifetime coverage limits on Medicaid

Added 02-06-18 12:59:02pm EST - “The proposal is the latest in a line of attempts to dismantle the safety net program.” - Thinkprogress.org


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thinkprogress.org: “The Trump administration wants to allow states to impose lifetime coverage limits on Medicaid”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Trump administration is taking aim at Medicaid yet again, specifically with lifetime coverage limits, according to a McClatchy report Monday evening.

Just weeks after unveiling guidance that will allow states to impose Medicaid work requirements, Trump’s Health and Human Services agency is reportedly attempting to limit the number of months adults have access to the safety net program. The cap, if approved, would be the first of its kind in Medicaid’s history.

Medicaid, which is jointly funded by states and the federal government, provides health insurance to low-income and disabled people. Steps to cap benefits are another attempt in a long line of crack-downs by the Trump administration, which hopes to reduce the government’s obligation to help the needy.

Since Trump took office, the administration has worked to slash the safety net program in its attempts to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and through federal waivers. The lifetime coverage limit is the latest federal waiver proposal, which the administration and their allies claim would allow states more flexibility and encourage fiscal responsibility for both governing entities and those who are covered by the program.

Last month, the administration approved waiver requests from Indiana and Kentucky, allowing them to impose work requirements, but five states — Arizona, Kansas, Utah, Maine, and Wisconsin — want to take that a step further by implementing the aforementioned lifetime limits as well.


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