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The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is out, and it looks pretty solid

Added 10-06-22 05:10:03pm EST - “Illumination's changes to familiar Mushroom Kingdom characters are finally confirmed.” - Arstechnica.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Arstechnica.com: “The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is out, and it looks pretty solid”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie trailer is live ahead of the film's April 2023 launch in theaters, and—hey, whaddya know—it looks decent.

We now have a look at what CGI Mario looks like, as re-created by longtime CGI animation studio Illumination Entertainment, and the character has received a serious touch-up compared to the longtime visual archetype used in 3D Mario video games and instruction manual images since the launch of Super Mario Sunshine. In great news, the version in today's trailer appears to deliver cartoonish exuberance while also looking a bit more human inside this film's fantastical world.

The trailer includes three sequences with familiar characters. The first stars Bowser in a fiery, effects-filled battle against an adorable, penguin-filled ice kingdom. As assisted by an apparent second-in-command Magikoopa, Bowser and his army of Koopa Troopas push forward and seize a familiar-looking "super" star. This moment concludes with a shout from new Bowser voice actor Jack Black (Jumanji) asking, "Now who's gonna stop me?"

After the screen fades to black, an apparently confused Mario lands in a fantastical, mushroom-filled landscape and wonders where exactly he's landed. His exclamation in the moment, "What is this place," comes without any sort of exaggerated Italian accent, instead sounding like rote Chris Pratt (The LEGO Movie series, Jurassic World series). He's soon greeted by Toad (Keegan-Michael Key), who warns Mario about touching the wrong types of mushrooms in comedic fashion before the duo then rushes toward the Mushroom Kingdom.

After this, an incredibly brief chase sequence confirms that popular series character Luigi (voiced by Charlie Day) has also had his 3D appearance altered to look much like the redesigned Mario, in terms of eye shape and other elements.


Watch the video:

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