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The Progressive Purge Begins Week at Legal Insurrection

Added 01-10-21 08:38:02am EST - “All the news you may have missed.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “The Progressive Purge Begins Week at Legal Insurrection”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Joe Biden has not even been sworn in yet and the left’s cancel culture campaign is already off and running.

It’s slow now because of the huge inrease in traffic, but they’re installing additional servers and will be back up to speed in about a week.

Firefox asks for a reason why I was uninstalling the app. Rather than tell them how I really felt I (probably wasted my time and told them …

I was born and raised in a country where roadblocks, lockdowns, and censorship only occurred in third world nations and “behind The Iron Curtain.” I was raised American and in a patriotic family. I understand civics and have a good grasp on the Constitution. I understand the meaning of Sovereignty and Freedom and property ownership.

We the people made you a successful entity by supporting your products from the earliest stages. But you are a human, and just as susceptible to tendencies of both Good and Evil as everyone. You chose to let your perceived power and authority (or your fear of your foreign handlers, more likely, or your lack of understanding of the Constitution and Freedom and free thought) guide you into thinking that you are the ultimate arbiter of truth. That you know what is best for all of us. That we are too stupid or ignorant to be able to decide what is truer to us, what appears false, what may be dangerous, what is likely safe.


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