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The Morning After: Google finally reveals the Pixel 4

Added 10-16-19 09:09:01am EST - “Google's big hardware event has happened, so we can end the leaks and start playing around with the Pixel 4.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “The Morning After: Google finally reveals the Pixel 4”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Now that Google's big hardware event has happened, we can end the leaks and start playing around with the Pixel 4. Tuesday also brought in big news about League of Legends and Sony's immersive new format for music -- catch up with everything below.

You can now pre-register on Google Play.'League of Legends: Wild Rift' will land on mobile and consoles in 2020

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, the massive multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) that's only dwarfed by the likes of, well, Fortnite, Riot has announced a few things. League of Legends: Wild Rift is a five-on-five version of LoL coming to consoles and phones in 2020 -- free to download. There will also be a port of Teamfight Tactics and some new tweaks to the original League of Legends, too, with a new support character joining the fight.

It starts at $649, $350 less than the original Pixelbook.The Pixelbook Go is Google's most affordable Chromebook yet

Google's Pixel laptops used to be synonymous with "expensive." With prices upwards of $1,000, the company's Chromebook Pixel and Pixelbook were costly products meant only for the most ardent Chrome OS fans. Paradoxically, they were launched at a time when most people associated Chromebooks with cheap, secondary laptops -- you'd have had a hard time finding a third-party option that cost more than $350.For the Pixelbook Go, Google has softened the edges of the series, with a rounded profile and lighter frame. The Go's ribbed surface along the base apparently makes it easier to carry and should also help it stand out against the legion of sameish laptops and Chromebooks. The 13.3-inch Go doesn't offer a rotating screen like its predecessor, so it's much more like a familiar laptop -- which might not be a bad thing.


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