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The Lying About Trump Is Consistent, Constant and Out of Control

Added 06-03-20 05:42:03pm EST - “RUSH: The lying is out of control. The photo that was used as a metaphor for Trump's cowardice was actually a photo from the Obama years, a photo of the Obama White House.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “The Lying About Trump Is Consistent, Constant and Out of Control”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

RUSH: I have made reference to the amount of lying that has taken place in the media in this country over the last — I guess we have to say four years. We’re into the fourth year of the Trump presidency now. He was elected in 2016, inaugurated 2017, it’s the fourth year, I sometimes go back and forth on three and four. But it may even be longer than that if you count 2016 as a campaign year. The amount of lying that has been engaged in by the Democrat Party and the American media, the Democrats in the media, is now incalculable. It’s safe to say that everything they say is a lie.

The lying about Donald Trump is now out of control. It’s everything. Practically everything being said — I want you to think how hard this is too. Here we have in Donald Trump the most visible, the most accessible, the most constantly in front of cameras and the media president of the United States, and yet the reporting about him is 99, almost 100% lies. Think about how difficult that is.

If you can succeed in lying to the American people, if your lies can prevail about the most public man – I mean, it would be easy to lie about a president who doesn’t appear before the media much, it would be much easier to lie about a George W. Bush, which they did, by the way, or his father, George H. W. Bush. Clinton was in front of the cameras a lot ’cause he loved it, but Obama was — I went back to the archives. Remember the Limbaugh Theorem? I’m sure you remember the term, the Limbaugh Theorem. You’ve probably forgotten what it was.

I developed the Limbaugh Theorem to explain how it is that Obama seemed to never end up being attached to his own policies, to his own agenda. Obama was actually running against the things that he was proposing. It was the most amazing thing. And he was given this cover by, of course, the Drive-By Media, but he was never held accountable for anything because he never left the campaign.

Obama’s whole strategy was to be constantly campaigning against these invisible yet powerful forces that were attempting to deny him and his supporters and his voters the successful implementation of his agenda while he was implementing that agenda, such as Obamacare. So evolved the Limbaugh Theorem.


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