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The LA Times joined the growing group of major papers calling for Trump's impeachment

Added 12-07-19 01:14:02pm EST - “Several major newspapers have publicly called for Trump's impeachment while criticizing his efforts to stonewall the impeachment inquiry.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “The LA Times joined the growing group of major papers calling for Trump's impeachment”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The Los Angeles Times editorial board on Saturday called for President Donald Trump to be impeached, joining an expanding list of major newspapers offering public support for either Trump's impeachment or the impeachment inquiry into his dealings with Ukraine.

Less than a week after the impeachment inquiry transitioned into a new phase in the House Judiciary Committee, the Times' editorial board wrote: "We've seen enough. Trump should be impeached."

"The Times' editorial board was a reluctant convert to the impeachment cause," the paper's editorial board said, citing concerns about how divisive the impeachment against Trump could be and the high probability he'd ultimately be acquitted by the Republican-controlled Senate.

"But those concerns must yield to the overwhelming evidence that Trump perverted US foreign policy for his own political gain," the Times' editorial board added. "That sort of misconduct is outrageous and corrosive of democracy. It can't be ignored by the House, and it merits a full trial by the Senate on whether to remove him from office."

The Boston Globe earlier this week also called for Trump's impeachment, with its editorial board writing that the results of the House Intelligence Committee's inquiry "make clear that the answer is an urgent yes" to the question of "whether President Trump's misconduct is severe enough that Congress should exercise that impeachment power, less than a year before the 2020 election."


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