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The Democratic Party's Clown Show Primary

Added 06-11-19 01:16:01am EST - “Nice candidates are polling at zero percent in Iowa” - Dailycaller.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Dailycaller.com: “The Democratic Party’s Clown Show Primary”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On today’s podcast we take a look at a big story that has received little covers, but one that will have repercussions for colleges that coddle social justice warriors across the country. We also take a look at the Democratic primary field and the latest polling numbers. A woman stabbed herself because she couldn’t stand living in Trump’s America anymore, the New York Times runs a column claiming borders shouldn’t exist because of colonization, an executive at Marvel Studios thinks the X-Men are out of date because their name includes the word “men” when there are women on the team, and Joe Biden flipped one of his “deeply held beliefs” because an actress told him to.

Oberlin College just lost a massive lawsuit brought by a local bakery because of its role in riling up a mob of social justice warrior students who tried to destroy the more than 100 year old business over bogus racism charges stemming from attempted shoplifting arrests. The school has to pay $11 million and could face twice as much in punitive damages. It’s one thing to allow protests, it’s another to encourage and cheer them. This puts all colleges on notice that there could be massive financial consequences to letting unfettered left-wing mobs run wild with the encouragement of faculty and staff. We discuss it.

The latest polling numbers for Iowa are in and there is a big divide between the leaders of Democratic field and the also-rans. Which candidates have the best chance to gain from the upcoming debates and who won’t even make it into them? We have all the numbers and the answers.

Trump derangement syndrome claims another victim as a Florida woman stabbed herself in the stomach three times because, as she told police, she can’t stand living in Trump’s America anymore. People are crazy and getting crazier.

Should international borders be obliterated because of colonialism? An op-ed in the New York Times argues for just that, saying borders are unfair because of the past. The author seems ignorant to the fact that the US has never been a colonial power, or he just doesn’t care. Besides, colonialism was a net-positive, dragging countries into the modern world. That they’ve screwed it up be re-embracing tribal and ethnic hatreds is not a “sin” the rest of the world has to make up for by forfeiting its sovereignty. We explain.


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