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The Best Men's Grooming Kits to Keep You Clean All Year Long

Added 06-22-22 05:49:01pm EST - “Attention men: These grooming kits will help you massively improve your hygiene and grooming routine.” - Thedailybeast.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Thedailybeast.com: “The Best Men’s Grooming Kits to Keep You Clean All Year Long”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Attention men: These grooming kits will help you massively improve your hygiene and grooming routine.

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When it comes to body maintenance and grooming, the majority of my life was spent using haphazard clippers not designed for the body and random creams, sprays or lotions that I had slowly collected over time. None of the items were consistent with one another, and it oftentimes affected my skin through irritation marks or small cuts. This all changed when I got a proper grooming kit.

A good grooming kit comes with powerful trimming devices, soothing creams or sprays and a number of unique additional products that help round up your overall grooming experience, whether that focuses on your body, facial hair or skin. Choosing the right grooming kit is a difficult task with nearly all men’s hygiene brands now selling their own version of one. However, instead of spending all day researching different brands, check out our list of the best men’s grooming kits for all of your needs.

When it comes to trimming body hair and grooming yourself below deck, there are very few options as well-rounded and capable as the Meridian Grooming Classic To-Go Package. The grooming kit comes with a waterproof trimmer, two replacement blades, an anti-inflammatory spray, a waterproof travel bag and a pair of anti-chaffing boxer briefs. The trimmer is designed specifically to reduce the potential for a cut or scratch. The grooming kit also includes two guide combs so you can trim your body hair to the length you are most comfortable with. This is the grooming kit that I use myself, so if you have seen me in person, go ahead and judge the kit off of that.


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