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The best deals on subscription services we found for Black Friday

Added 11-23-21 11:09:02am EST - “Here are the best deals on subscription services, including streaming services, password managers, learning services and more, for Black Friday 2021..” - Engadget.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Engadget.com: “Black Friday 2021: The best deals on subscription services we could find | Engadget”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

If you're anything like us, you probably pay for quite a few subscription services each month. Everything from music and TV streaming to guided meditations to password management has a service that you can pay for to make your life more convenient. These are also things we don't think about buying very often — typically, you sign up once and only revisit the service when you're thinking of changing things up or cancelling. But Black Friday is a good opportunity to check out new subscription services you may have considered in the past because many of them have sales for new (and sometimes returning) customers. Here are the best deals on subscription services you can get this Black Friday.

First-time subscribers to Adobe CC can get the All Apps plan for 40 percent off right now, bringing the monthly charge down to $30. If you're a student, it's even cheaper — just $16 per month for first-time customers. These programs are considered standard in most creative fields, so it's worth grabbing this deal if you know you'll be using things like Photoshop or Illustrator in the future.

The meditation app Headspace is down to $5 per month for new and returning customers for Black Friday. That's 60 percent off the normal price, and those who want to pay for a year upfront will get 50 percent off and pay only $35 for the year. Headspace has a bunch of guided meditation sessions along with sleep stories, calming ambient music, guided yoga sessions for stress management and more.

Hulu's Black Friday deal knocks the price of its ad-supported plan down to only $1 per month. That's $6 off its normal price, and those who sign up will get that discount for a full year. While the offer is available to both new and returning subscribers, you cannot claim the deal if you've been a Hulu subscriber within the past month.

New subscribers can join Audible right now for 60 percent off, or $6 per month, for the first three months and you'll get a $20 Audible credit along with it. After three months, the subscription price will go back up to the standard $15-per-month rate. Audible Premium Plus gives you access to hundreds of audiobooks, plus one credit per month to use on any title of your choosing. It also gives you access to members-only sales, which often knock titles down to as low as $5 each.


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