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The 5 best kettlebells for your home gym, including adjustable, soft-sided, and budget picks

Added 03-05-21 01:14:02pm EST - “Kettlebells offer a strength, cardio, and flexibility workout all at once. Here are our top picks from Everlast, TRX, Bowflex, and more.” - Businessinsider.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Businessinsider.com: “The 5 best kettlebells for your home gym, including adjustable, soft-sided, and budget picks”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Editor's note: Due to fluctuating stock, many of the picks may be out of stock, back-ordered, or low in stock. We will keep this updated as best we can. 

If you're looking to outfit your home gym on a budget or with minimal gear, we'd argue that the single most versatile piece of equipment you could consider is a kettlebell. The odd, bell-shaped weights may look intimidating to someone who has never swung one before — and learning how to use one should definitely be taken seriously.

But the piece of equipment is actually really easy to get the hang of, and the odd shape of a kettlebell allows for a more dynamic range of movement than you get with a traditional dumbbell. Thus, kettlebells are used not only for strength training but also for cardio work, flexibility and balance training, and to target multiple muscle groups at once. Kettlebells are incredibly diverse, but they also open the door for challenging moves you can't otherwise do — like a kettlebell swing — and add another layer of challenge to tried-and-true exercises like goblet squats.

Kettlebells have a lot of advantages and they almost always level up the fun of a workout — but they shouldn't be treated like toys. It's important to learn proper form for every move and to choose the right weight for your skill level, which is why we've included information on both of these at the end, along with why you should add kettlebells to your workout if you aren't convinced yet.

Whether your fitness goal is to build muscle strength, improve your cardiorespiratory fitness, or continue to challenge your body in new and exciting ways, one single bell can help you achieve any of these.


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