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Thank You for Supporting Reason's Record-Setting 2021 Webathon

Added 12-08-21 09:21:02am EST - “You make it possible for us to make cool stuff every day. We're beyond grateful for your donations.” - Reason.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Reason.com: “Thank You for Supporting Reason's Record-Setting 2021 Webathon”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Katherine Mangu-Ward | 12.8.2021 8:30 AM

Thank you to the absolutely bonkers 1,478 of you who collectively donated just over $630,000 to our annual webathon this year. (It was a real nailbiter on the final $100,000 match, but we made it!) A special thanks to our challenge grant donors, who helped double your donations along the way. This total wrecks past records and we couldn't be more grateful.

The webathon is now officially ended. But if there's one thing journalists understand, it's sneaking in just past the deadline, so we'll leave the door open for a few more hours in case you want to do a late donation and still get some of that sweet, sweet swag.  

A special thank you for supporting Reason's very first venture into NFTs to the tune of 0.75ETH (or about $3,200). Reason trustee Ted Barnett was kind enough to host and your bids let us know that Reason isn't fungible in your hearts, so we appreciate that. 

We've been yammering on all week about how Reason is made possible through the support of people who donate their hard-earned cash, credit, and crypto. But I also want to take a minute to be sappy and say that the most valuable thing you can do to support Reason is to engage with the articles, videos, and podcasts that we produce.


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