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Tesla pulls Full Self-Driving update after sudden braking spooks drivers

Added 10-25-21 05:10:02pm EST - “Automaker released another new version of its controversial software today.” - Arstechnica.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Arstechnica.com: “Tesla pulls Full Self-Driving update after sudden braking spooks drivers”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

On Saturday morning, CEO Elon Musk announced a delay for the 10.3 update after internal quality-assurance testers discovered that the new version performed worse at left turns at traffic lights than previous versions. Then, on Sunday afternoon, Musk said that Tesla would be “rolling back to 10.2 temporarily” after reports of sudden braking, false warnings, and other issues.

Several owners reported that their vehicles braked suddenly when the software mistakenly reported an imminent collision. Known as automatic emergency braking (or AEB), neither the feature nor its bugs are limited to Tesla—Mazda recalled some of its cars in 2019 for similar problems.

When working properly, forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking work in concert to prevent a vehicle from crashing into objects in its path. A combination of sensors and software first alerts drivers to an impending collision and, if no action is taken, forcefully applies the brakes.

Cars that experience phantom alerts that lead to emergency braking events risk getting rear-ended if they stop quickly in dense traffic or if traveling at high speeds. “Having AEB activate in the middle of the highway was terrifying,” one Tesla driver reported on reddit.

While false automatic emergency braking events and false forward-collision warnings appear to be the most widespread issues, other drivers reported false lane-departure warnings and a disabling of both forward-collision warning and automatic emergency braking without warning.


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