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Terry McAuliffe Embraces Stacey Abrams' Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory

Added 10-25-21 11:04:02am EST - “McAuliffe accused Secretary of State Brian Kemp of disenfranchising 1.4 million Georgians.” - Nationalreview.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Nationalreview.com: “Terry McAuliffe Embraces Stacey Abrams’ Stolen Election Conspiracy Theory | National Review”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic nominee for governor in Virginia, held an event on Sunday with Stacey Abrams, who ran for governor in Georgia back in 2018 on Sunday.

At the rally, McAuliffe took to the stage to declare that “she [Abrams] would be the governor of Georgia today had the governor of Georgia [Republican Brian Kemp] not disenfranchised 1.4 million Georgia voters before the election! That’s what happened to Stacey Abrams. They took the votes away.”

"They took the votes away," he said, one day after saying this kind of talk is "running down our democracy." pic.twitter.com/U1CsMimzX7

In fact, Abrams lost to Kemp by almost 55,000 votes. McAuliffe’s claim that 1.4 million Georgians were disenfranchised comes from the total number of voters that have been removed from the state’s voter rolls since 2012. McAuliffe does not expand on how he got this number because people are removed for all sorts of easily explainable reasons — people die, move, commit felonies, etc..

The most controversial reason for which voters were removed — a mandate that after three years of being out-of-contact with the elections system and failing to respond to a final notice, voters be removed from the rolls — has analogues in other states and was enacted by a Democratic governor and Democratic-controlled legislature in 1997. As Georgia’s secretary of state at the time of the election, Kemp was legally obligated to carry out this routine maintenance of the election system.


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