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Talk About the Cutting Edge! Jennifer Granholm's Chickification of American Energy Arrives

Added 04-07-21 03:42:02pm EST - “BRETT: The big winner of Biden's energy plan -- is his energy secretary's old company. Cronyism, right? Cronyism. Well, Rush was on this years ago.” - Rushlimbaugh.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Rushlimbaugh.com: “Talk About the Cutting Edge! Jennifer Granholm’s Chickification of American Energy Arrives”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

BRETT: Chuck Schumer said he was going to “do it to Georgia” and then they were gonna “do it to the rest of the country.” What did I mean by “do it”? Well, the fundamental transformation of America, changing who we are. We’ve been hearing the same story for years and years going back at least to the first Obama administration and maybe the first years of the Obama administration.

The notions of Green New Deals and transforming America and shovel-ready jobs and changing the way we vote and changing the way we work and all that stuff. It’s the same theme. It just has different labels attached to it in the later iterations. But one of the people that continues to resurface time and time and time again is the former governor of the state of Michigan, now the secretary of energy, Jennifer Granholm.

Jennifer Granholm has been pushing and failing at the green boondoggle for years and years and years. In fact, one of the articles that’s out there lingering right now look at this Green New Deal thing — this infrastructure nonsense, the big winner of Biden’s energy plan — is his energy secretary’s old company. Cronyism, right? Cronyism. Well, Rush was on this years ago.

RUSH: Try this from Michigan, in the Washington Post: “In Michigan, A Yellow Light For Green Jobs.” Let me sum this story up for you. Green jobs are not the answer. Green jobs in Michigan aren’t the answer to the economic woes. Well, guess what?

This is a very telling argument against all liberal policies. They don’t work! They do the exact opposite of what is advertised. “Since taking office…” Let me give you the first couple paragraphs first to put this in context. It’s in the Washington Post: “If the future of American manufacturing lies in green industries, the Michigan governor’s pursuit of jobs offers a cautionary tale.


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