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Sturgeon full moon: Last supermoon of 2022 rises Thursday

Added 08-11-22 01:18:02am EST - “The last supermoon of the year, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, occurs on Thursday night.” - Nypost.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Nypost.com: “Sturgeon full moon: Last supermoon of 2022 rises Thursday”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The last supermoon of the year, also known as the Sturgeon Moon, happens Thursday night and coincides with the peak of the Perseid meteor shower. 

Before you get too excited about double celestial events, there is some bad news. The bright full moon will likely hinder those hoping to catch a glimpse of the meteor shower. Meteors are best spotted with a dark sky. Usually, a new moon is best and away from light pollution. In this case, the supermoon won’t make good sky-gazing conditions for the Perseids.

The Perseids are pieces of the comet Swift-Tuttle, and July 17 to Aug. 24 is the most active time for the meteors. The peak this year, when the most meteors will shoot across the sky, is expected to be Aug. 11 to 13. Unfortunately, the August full moon happens on Aug. 11, which could put a damper on the view. 

According to NASA, the moon will be brighter than anything else in the night sky, washing out all but the most brilliant Perseids as they streak through Earth’s atmosphere.

“Sadly, this year’s Perseids peak will see the worst possible circumstances for spotters,” NASA astronomer Bill Cooke said in a post. “Most of us in North America would normally see 50 or 60 meteors per hour,” he said, “But this year, during the normal peak, the full Moon will reduce that to 10-20 per hour at best.”


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