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Sonos will stop issuing software updates for 'legacy' speakers and devices in May

Added 01-21-20 03:15:02pm EST - “You'll still be able to keep using older Sonos devices, but they'll gradually lose functionality once the software updates stop.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “Sonos will stop issuing software updates for 'legacy' speakers and devices in May”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

If you’re using an older Sonos device like the CR200 remote, a Zone Player, or the first-generation Play:5, you have some tough decisions to make.

Sonos just announced that starting in May, a variety of its oldest products will stop receiving software updates, which means they’ve effectively reached “end-of-life” status as far as Sonos is concerned.

“We’re extremely proud of the fact that we build products that last a long time,” said Sonos in a blog post. “However, we’ve now come to a point where some of the oldest products have been stretched to their technical limits in terms of memory and processing power.”

Owners of “legacy” Sonos products have a couple of options. For starters, they can keep using them, with the understanding that over time, they’ll start to lose functionality. For example, music streaming services may stop supporting the older devices, as well as “voice partners” such as Amazon and Google.

There may be another serious drawback to keeping an outdated Sonos speaker or component connected to your other Sonos devices. According to an email sent to affected Sonos users, a legacy Sonos product that no longer receives software updates will effectively block updates for any of your other connected Sonos components, even the newer ones. That said, a Sonos rep told us that users will, in fact, be able to “separate” legacy Sonos devices from “modern” Sonos systems, with more details to be revealed “closer to May.”


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