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‘Someone dropped the ball': Suspect in beating of 75yo nursing home patient was moved to facility AFTER contracting Covid-19

Added 05-23-20 02:37:02am EST - “The 20-year-old man accused of beating an elderly patient in a Detroit nursing home ?" captured in a shocking viral video ?" was inexplicably moved to the facility after testing positive for Covid-19.” -


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From “‘Someone dropped the ball’: Suspect in beating of 75yo nursing home patient was moved to facility AFTER contracting Covid-19”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

The young man, who has not been named, was transferred from an Ann Arbor hospital to Detroit’s Westwood Nursing Center last week after contracting the coronavirus, his father told local media. He later appeared in disturbing footage repeatedly punching an elderly man in the face. While the suspect has since been arrested for the assault, it remains unclear how or why he ended up at the nursing home in the first place, given that seniors are among the most vulnerable to the lethal illness.

“He never should have been housed – quarantined – with the victim that he eventually assaulted. That should have never happened,” the man’s father said, adding: “Someone dropped the ball.”

He has [mental] issues and for them to put him in a facility like that, nothing good was going to happen.

Prior to the attack that was captured on video – apparently filmed by the assailant himself – the suspect already faced charges in nearby Washtenaw County, where he is accused of assaulting a staff member at another facility. While acknowledging his son’s severe behavioral and mental problems, the father said he “never would have consented” to sending him to a nursing home had he been informed of it. It is still unknown who made the decision to transfer him there.

Some mystery also surrounds the 75-year-old victim of the nursing home assault. Relatives told local press that they began to worry when they were unable to reach him by phone, explaining that, for reasons that are still unclear, he was taken from his Detroit apartment and brought to the Westwood center. The man is now recovering from his injuries at a nearby hospital.


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