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"Snowfall" Star Damson Idris On Season 4, Filming Violent Scenes, And The Importance Of The Season 3 Finale

Added 02-23-21 07:19:03pm EST - “"When someone has to go, it's almost like losing a family member."” - Buzzfeed.com


Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Buzzfeed.com: “"Snowfall" Star Damson Idris On Season 4, Filming Violent Scenes, And The Importance Of The Season 3 Finale”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

Damson Idris might be a fresh face in Hollywood, but something tells me he's destined to become a household name in the industry sooner than you think. From his early work in theater to his most recent roles, like Franklin in FX's Snowfall and HARP in Outside the Wire on Netflix, Damson has proven that he can not only master an accent, but he can also channel the essence of a character so well that even fans have trouble distinguishing who he is from the people he plays on screen.

So to celebrate the upcoming Season 4 premiere of Snowfall, we sat down with the 29-year-old London native to chat about everything, like how he feels filming those violent scenes, his thoughts on the controversial Season 3 finale, his love for red wine, dreams of working with Denzel Washington, and more! Here's everything we learned:

1. Congratulations on the new season of Snowfall! What was one of your favorite behind-the-scenes moments?

One of my favorite behind-the-scenes moments in Season 4 happened right before we broke for COVID-19. We managed to knock out around three or four episodes in February, and I called up Snoop Dogg, and he came to set. We got Snoop Dogg's approval. That's one of the biggest approvals that I always wanted for the show, with regards to authenticity. So just seeing him around and seeing the crew being all excited that Snoop Dogg was in the building, that was one of my favorite moments from the season.

2. Your character Franklin is involved with, and surrounded by, a lot of violence. Was there ever a scene that you felt was hard to shoot because it was too gruesome?


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