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Sign up now for your "Undoing Whiteness" yoga class

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Posted By TheNewsCommenter: From Hotair.com: “Sign up now for your "Undoing Whiteness" yoga class”. Below is an excerpt from the article.

As I’m sure most of you white people reading this already know, white people are just the worst. (#amirite?) This is a premise that’s more frequently applied to white men, but white women are pretty bad too. It’s all the entitlement. I’m sure you understand. But if you happen to be a white lady in the Seattle area, have we got a deal for you! Now you can sign up for yoga classes where another white woman will lecture you about your inherent white supremacy and conduct readings from a book about how whiteness is bad. Read on for the details and prepare to enroll. (Seattle Times)

Laura Humpf braced herself for fresh salvos of death threats, rage-soaked slurs and indictments of “reverse racism” from media provocateurs…

This spring, Humpf publicized an “Undoing Whiteness” yoga class at Rainier Beach Yoga, geared toward white people wishing to “unpack the harmful ways white supremacy is embedded” in their “body, mind and heart.” Along with providing a contemplative space, the class would dissect the “pathology of whiteness” — an obliviousness to the batch of privileges society grants white skin — and how it operates in daily life.

A certified yoga teacher since 2004, Humpf resolved to directly combat racism following high-profile cases of police officers killing or brutalizing black people.

The “Undoing Whiteness” yoga class includes readings from the book, Witnessing Whiteness. So instead of just getting in some exercise and stretching, you can spend your time (and money) being lectured by yet another white woman about the inherent evil of your race. This could only be better if they offered free chocolate chip cookie dough with a spoon at the end of the session.


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